SGI Holdings Ltd. sells its continental European business to CERTANIA

Munich, August 2023 – SGI Holdings Ltd., a TICC provider focused on environmental control, has successfully divested its European activities (SGI Compliance) to CERTANIA. .
SGI Holdings Ltd., a leading provider of testing, inspection, certification and compliance services (TICC) with a specific focus on environmental control, has successfully divested its continental European activities (SGI Compliance) to CERTANIA, a rapidly growing player in the TICC industry. HSL Compliance, a UK environmental risk and compliance leader, a subsidiary of SGI Holdings Ltd., remains separate from this transaction.

Established in 1985, SGI Compliance has a rich history which has led the company to develop into a well-known market player with a large and loyal customer base in the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium and France. SGI Compliance specializes in services related to carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic (CMR) hazardous chemicals, as well as water hygiene. In 2019, LDC, a leading private equity firm, invested
to back the management buyout of SGI Compliance from the global testing, inspection and certification group, Kiwa. This also included its activities in the UK, operating under the name HSL Compliance.

CERTANIA is a rapidly growing testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) provider with a mission to support its customers as an independent partner, promoting quality, sustainability and health transparency in companies and their ecosystems. CERTANIA operates across various segments, including life science, food & environment, ESG advice & analytics, certification & verification, sustainable materials and structures. CERTANIA is backed by GREENPEAK Partners.

CERTANIA will leverage its expertise in water hygiene services in order to strengthen this segment within SGI Compliance. Conversely, SGI Compliance’s hazardous materials experience will be integrated into CERTANIA’s core geographies, utilizing the existing infrastructure as a launch pad while maintaining the management team at SGI Compliance.

“CERTANIA is known for its pragmatic customer-centric approach and commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. The mission and vision of SGI Compliance align seamlessly with CERTANIA’s approach. Under the umbrella of CERTANIA, SGI Compliance will continue to operate independently, leveraging the synergies and growth opportunities arising from our partnership”, says Sytze Voulon, CEO of SGI Compliance.

Moritz Gruber, managing director of CERTANIA: “We are delighted to welcome SGI Compliance to CERTANIA. While we operate as one cohesive company, our philosophy emphasizes local empowerment and values managers with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Our plan is to maintain SGI Compliance as an independent entity while fostering collaboration, providing management support, and actively contributing to the company’s development.”


Under the umbrella of CERTANIA Holding GmbH, a new global market player is created in the field of Testing, Inspection & Certification as well as scientific, laboratory and compliance services. This group offers medium-sized partners a sustainable home for their life’s work. CERTANIA enables entrepreneurs and owners to further develop their companies with like-minded people, while continuing to preserve their entrepreneurial roots, corporate culture, brand and values.

About SGI Compliance:

SGI Compliance is a European risk and compliance leader, specialising in water, hazardous materials, fire safety and associated Health Safety and Environmental services. It runs operations in Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and France and serves customers such as energy providers, commercial real estate companies, maritime companies and industrials.

About GREENPEAK Partners:

GREENPEAK Partners is a company builder with proven track record and comprehensive expertise in the foundation, development, and expansion of industry leaders. While executing its Buy & Build strategies, GREENPEAK aims to develop industry leaders by virtue of strong partnerships, ESG values, and aligned sustainable interests. To date, the GREENPEAK Partners team has built over 10 platforms, with annual revenues exceeding €1bn.