Our North Star

Our goal is to build sustainable businesses and partnerships

Our goal is our North Star. It guides and frames everything we are and do – from high-level strategic discussions to day-to-day tactical decisions. Our purpose is firmly embedded throughout our organization and in our wider community; it fuels our ambition and ensures that we excel at what we do.

We believe that long-term growth and profitability can only be achieved by building sustainable businesses. We are convinced that companies that are truly sustainable businesses can achieve above-average returns over the long term. At the same time, companies can only be truly be sustainable if they are financially strong and grow.

Culture of partnership

We strive to build a culture of partnership with everyone who works with and for GREENPEAK: our investors, the GREENPEAK team, our stakeholders, and most importantly the leaders and teams in the companies in which we invest.

We believe that creating a partnership-based culture based on trust and mutual respect will enable people to achieve the opportunity to reach their highest potential. This ultimately forms the basis for solid returns and sustainable profitability.

Positive impact

The most important prerequisites for the financial and ethical success of the companies in which we invest are the following:

Our strategic focus

GREENPEAK has a clearly defined strategic focus. We focus on sustain­able service business models in frag­mented niche markets where com­plementary com­panies create more value when they work to­gether as a group.

Value is created by bringing together strong companies to form a tight network of true partners with shared values and true synergies.