Building sustainable businesses
based on long-term partnership

Our emerging market leaders

GREENPEAK takes a thesis-led approach to identify high-value and fragmented service niches that benefit from a positive long-term growth effect. Importantly, ESG is always a critical consideration in building a platform.

With our active partner companies, we focus on real estate, infrastructure, TMT, medical services, healthcare, IT and environmental services, among others. These areas offer large addressable, exciting, and technologically advanced markets where our team has a lot of experience and expertise.

ACADEMIA pursues the mis­sion to build the first in­tegrated out­patient Special Laboratory Group focusing on pathology, human ge­netics, and hema­staseology in Ger­many.

Investment Criteria:

Specialized labs in the fields of

  • Pathology
  • Dermatohistology
  • Human Genetics
  • Hemastaseology
  • Gynecology (focus:
    prenatal diagnostics/IVF)

Munich Hotel Partners is an independent hotel investment and man­agement company that cur­rently operates nine hotels.

Investment Criteria:

  • Prime location
  • Strong and established management team
  • High occupancy rates

EPIONA is developing the leading practice group of pain therapy and orthopedic clus­ters of excel­lence in DACH with the goal of meeting the growing demand for evidence-based treatments for chronic pain and facilitating patient access.

Investment Criteria:

  • Pain management and / or orthopedic treatment services
  • Local quality leadership
  • Location primarily in Switzerland, Germany, Austria

CERTANIA is an eco­logically ori­ented Test­ing, Inspection, and Cer­tification provider with the over­arching vision of sup­porting its cus­tomers as an inde­pendent part­ner pro­moting quality, sus­tainability, and health trans­parency in com­panies and their eco­systems.

Investment Criteria:

  • Testing Specialists
  • Inspection specialists
  • Certification Specialists

As one of the leading service com­panies for building tech­nology in Germany, VIVENTEC’s goal is to actively accompany the structural change in the industry. VIVENTEC is pursuing a long-term growth strat­egy, both organically and through the inclusion of new partners in the group of companies.

Investment Criteria:

  • Plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installation companies as well as electrical installation companies
  • 20 to 100 employees
  • Company headquarters in Germany

ROBUR stands for modern, high-quality industrial services and for so­lutions to the challenges asso­ciated with digital trans­formation and eco­logical change. With approx­imately €280m turn­over in 2021, they belong to the top 10 industrial ser­vice providers in Germany.

Investment Criteria:

  • Established SME with strong management or clear succession options
  • High-end service, no products, hardly plant construction
  • Majority control by the group must be possible

PARATUS is set to become an in­ter­national leading, in­tegrat­ed, and decen­tralized heal­th­care soft­ware group. Together with like-minded en­trepreneurs PARATUS lives a culture of part­nership, inno­vation, and flexibility to make the most of the Group’s diversity and thus support health­care pro­fessionals as much as possible in the diagnosis and treat­ment of patients.

Investment Criteria:

  • Niche leader offering documentation-, analysis-, or planning software for healthcare professionals
  • Favorably active in the segments: radiology, laboratory, orthopedics, oncology
  • Positive and stable growth

reVenton Asset Partners is an in­vestment com­pany special­izing in sus­tainable infra­structure invest­ments. We aim to make our contri­bution to the energy tran­­sition, in particular through the deve­lopment, con­­struc­tion and opera­tion of new wind and photo­­voltaic (PV) plants in Germany and worldwide.

Investment Criteria:

  • PV: Utilization of arable land with low agricultural yields
  • Wind: Utilization of agricultural/forestry land with sufficient distance to settlements and outside relevant protected areas
  • Preferably, we develop holistic supply concepts (either via PPA and/or use of H2 technology)