Industries we invest in

Our comprehensive expertise rests on strong entrepreneurial and management experience and our Buy & Build investment track record.

Business Services

Business Services

We build high-end industrial service companies with the goal to tackle the challenges associated with digital transformation and ecological change

Software & IT

Software & IT-Services

We build industry-leading software and IT service businesses within ESG-relevant industries aiming to digitize our transforming world where impact is greatest


Healthcare Services

By consolidating various special laboratory services, we develop an integrated lab-provider, offering a succession plan for practitioners while working closely with the medical community to streamline processes

Testing, Inspection and Certification

Testing, Inspection, and Certification

By virtue of creating an industry-leading TIC provider focusing on industrial verticals in renewable energy, material, and consumer goods testing, as well as medical applications, we offer a collaborative platform to foster innovation and transparency

Renewable Energy Related Services

Real Estate Related Services

Through consolidating technical real estate services, we will improve the ecological footprint and the efficiency of buildings

Environmental Services

Environmental Services

We search for companies that help reducing the world’s ecological footprint. Engineering new solutions, consulting companies, or optimizing the efficiency of the technology systems are services that we offer industry and government in our platform

Investment Criteria

GREENPEAK Partners focuses on a long-term partnership strategy with the objective of developing and consolidating market leaders within sophisticated and growing markets whilst putting sustainability first.  Besides inorganic growth through the addition of new partners to our group, we grow organically through process optimization, digitalisation, and the utilisation of synergies. We are committed to not only ensuring value creation to our shareholders, but also to our partners, their customers, colleagues, and community.





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