natureOffice becomes Part of the CERTANIA Group

natureOffice Joins Forces with CERTANIA Group: A Union for Environmental Sustainability

Munich, September 2023 – natureOffice, a well-established sustainability company focusing on carbon accounting, sustainability consulting and carbon offsetting, joins the CERTANIA Group, a fast-growing group in the field of Testing, Inspection and Certification advocating Health and Sustainability.

Since 2007 natureOffice has been at the forefront of the sustainability movement, empowering businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices, reduce their carbon footprints and participate in climate protection. The company offers a comprehensive service portfolio, including carbon accounting/ CO2 footprint calculations, CO2 reduction advisory, expert sustainability consulting, and impactful carbon off-setting services with a dedicated climate protection project “Project Togo”.

“natureOffice project Togo: One of three tree nurseries in Togo, where over 100,000 tree seedlings are grown every year”

Accessing the CERTANIA network presents natureOffice with strong go-to-market synergies, allowing natureOffice to combine their expertise, digital applications, and resources with other CERTANIA partners. natureOffice aims to scale its solutions to an even broader audience, leveraging the strategic network of CERTANIA partners. The partnership opens up new horizons for accelerated growth and amplifies the impact on the environment. CERTANIA Group’s diverse portfolio of environmentally and socially conscious partners aligns perfectly with natureOffice’s vision of creating a more sustainable society.

CERTANIA creates a growth ecosystem for mid-sized, knowledge-leading companies becoming partners under one group ownership umbrella. CERTANIA partner companies act with a large degree of entrepreneurial freedom, thereby enabling quick decisions and personal, trust-based customer relationships.

Andreas Weckwert, founder of natureOffice, about the strategic move: „We are delighted to join forces with the CERTANIA Group on this transformative journey towards a greener and more sustainable future. natureOffice has always been driven by a vision of generating awareness for climate protection and providing companies with opportunities for action. By partnering with CERTANIA, we can now amplify our efforts and make a more significant impact on environmental preservation and carbon reduction.“

Moritz Gruber, managing director of CERTANIA: “”natureOffice’s dedication to sustainability aligns seamlessly with our core values at CERTANIA. At both organizations we are committed to driving positive change and making a tangible difference in environmental preservation. We are excited to welcome natureOffice into our group.”

About natureOffice:

natureOffice is a trailblazing sustainability-focused company that empowers businesses to make eco-conscious choices based on scientific results. Through a wide range of digital services and products, natureOffice enables clients to reduce their carbon footprints and contribute to environmental and climate preservation.
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Under the umbrella of CERTANIA Holding GmbH, a new global market player is created in the field of Testing, Inspection & Certification as well as scientific, laboratory and compliance services. This group offers medium-sized partners a sustainable home for their life’s work. CERTANIA enables entrepreneurs and owners to further develop their companies with like-minded people, while continuing to preserve their entrepreneurial roots, corporate culture, brand and values.
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