About Greenpeak

Buy & Build strategies with focus on long-term ecological & social impact

GREENPEAK Partners is a company builder with proven track record and comprehensive expertise in the foundation, development, and expansion of industry leaders within the German, Austrian, and Swiss markets. While executing its Buy & Build strategies, Greenpeak aims at developing industry leaders by virtue of strong and close partnerships, ESG values, and aligned sustainable interests.

Throughout the years, the GREENPEAK Partner team has built 7 platforms, with annual revenues of over €500m.


We create leading companies in a sustainable and ethically responsible manner, while combining and aligning the interests of all stakeholders


We want to offer entrepreneurs, their companies, and their colleagues an alternative solution if they are looking for a stable, long-term and cooperative environment for their heritage. A solution that provides a foundation to further develop their company within increasingly competitive markets through cooperating with like-minded people while allowing their company to maintain its entrepreneurial roots, culture and values

ESG Values

We build our companies by respecting the environment, social criteria, and good governance. Collectively, we strive for innovative ESG improvements that also impact the performance of our businesses


We want to shape the future of businesses and the planet alike. For this reason, we combine our entrepreneurial expertise with a passion for the environment by actively pursuing innovative, sustainable concepts to improve our business buildups and reduce the global ecological footprint


GREENPEAK Partners follows a long-term, stakeholder oriented partnership approach aimed at consolidating fragmented markets with an ESG angle. Besides organic growth strategies, including cross selling, resource sharing, process optimization, digitalisation, and group synergies, we are actively seeking inorganic growth opportunities through additions of new partners to our groups. It is our goal to maintain flexibility and entrepreneurial agility within our group whilst aligning core values, leadership principles, and quality standards