The leading expert in industrial testing and optical emission testing joins the group.

Munich/Aichach, May 22, 2024. TAZ GmbH, a leading industrial testing provider specializing in materials testing, proudly announces its partnership with CERTANIA, a dynamic group specializing in Testing, Inspection, and Certification services. This strategic move marks a significant milestone for TAZ GmbH, enhancing its capabilities and accelerating growth activities and strengthen the offering in this segment for CERTANIA.

Established in 1995 and headquartered in Aichach, Germany, TAZ GmbH has emerged as a trusted expert in materials testing, offering a wide range of services including mechanical, chemical, and structural testing. With accreditation in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, TAZ GmbH holds a prominent position in the industry. Furthermore, TAZ is the world’s first accredited calibration laboratory for spark spectrometers according to DIN EN ISO 17025, with plans to expand accreditation to include reference material production according to DIN EN ISO 17034.

Under the leadership of CEO Sebastian Mirthes and company founder and authorized representative Thomas Asam, TAZ GmbH will maintain its independence while at the same time the same time draw on the resources and support of the Certania Group. Says Thomas Asam about the strategic move: „With the joint expertise and the collaboration with other CERTANIA partner companies, we will be able to support more customers in our fast-growing market segment. Being part of CERTANIA enables us to further invest in our service portfolio and infrastructure, providing innovative knowledge management tools. “

The acquisition of TAZ GmbH complements CERTANIA’s material testing cluster, enhancing its expertise in metallography, detailed fracture assessments, and damage case analyses. With a diversified client base including prominent companies in the automotive, aviation, traffic engineering and medical industry brings valuable experience and a strong reputation for service excellence to the CERTANIA group.

Moritz Gruber, CEO and managing shareholder of CERTANIA, welcomes TAZ and extends the invitation to join this unique group to other entrepreneurs and owners of companies in the field of scientific, laboratory, and compliance services: “We provide an opportunity to put their company into a future-proof structure. It is our fundamental aim to build a group for the long run, where strong partner companies flourish, while retaining their identity. With the addition of TAZ, our combined expertise in the materials and structures segment is a force in the marketplace.”

CERTANIA’s ecosystem provides a platform for mid-sized, knowledge-based companies to thrive under one umbrella, maintaining entrepreneurial freedom while benefiting from group resources and support.

About TAZ:

TAZ GmbH, headquartered in Aichach, Germany, is a leading provider of industrial testing services since 1995. Specializing in materials testing for industries such as automotive, aviation, traffic engineering, and medical, TAZ offers accredited mechanical, chemical, and structural analyses. Accredited as the world’s first calibration laboratory for spark spectrometers, TAZ prioritizes excellence and sustainability in its services. With a diverse client base across various industries, TAZ remains committed to driving scientific innovation and ensuring the safety and reliability of materials and products. For more information, visit tazgmbh.de


Under the umbrella of CERTANIA Holding GmbH, a new global market player is created in the field of Testing, Inspection & Certification as well as scientific, laboratory and compliance services. This group offers medium-sized partners a sustainable home for their life’s work. CERTANIA enables entrepreneurs and owners to further develop their companies with like-minded people, while continuing to preserve their entrepreneurial roots, corporate culture, brand, and values. For more information, visit certania.com