GREENPEAK Partners becomes a signatory to Initiative Climat International (iCI)

GREENPEAK Partners signatory of initiative climat international

GREENPEAK Partners is pleased to announce it has become a signatory to Initiative Climat International (iCI). The decision to join iCI is an important step on GREENPEAK’s sustainability journey, reflecting its deep commitment to integrating ESG principles in its investment thesis.

iCI is a platform of leading private equity investors under the umbrella of the UNPRI dedicated to play a crucial part in reducing carbon emissions from private equity-backed companies. iCI signatories commit to jointly work towards reaching the goals of the 2015 Paris agreement on limiting CO2 emissions. Collaboration is a key driver for iCI. Its members commit to sharing best practice, key learnings and resources to accelerate change.

Daniel Beringer, Managing Partner of GREENPEAK Partners states: “GREENPEAK’s investment philosophy is highly aligned with iCI’s collaborative approach of experience sharing and working together towards a common goal. Our focus on establishing a partnership culture in the businesses we build allows us to scale the efforts to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement.”

Michael Ruoff, Managing Partner of GREENPEAK Partners adds: “We recognize that climate change will have an adverse effect on the global economy. This generates both risks and opportunities for our investments which we have committed ourselves to address in the best possible way.”

Valentina Stadler, ESG Officer, GREENPEAK Partners highlights: “We at GREENPEAK Partners are deeply committed to a sustainable future. ESG is deeply engrained in our corporate culture and an integral part of our investment DNA. Joining forces with other iCI members on addressing climate change will propel us forward in reaching our key ESG goal to reduce GHG emissions across all GREENPEAK companies.”

GREENPEAK Partner’s commitments include

  • As a member of the Initiative Climate International (iCI), we have joined forces with the international private equity community to contribute to The Paris Agreement to limit global warming to well below two degrees celius, and in pursuit of 1.5%.
  • We will actively engage with our partner companies to establish measurement of their CO2 emissions and set an ambitious, but realistic reduction target – and will do the same for ourselves at fund level.
  • We will support and promote the iC International among private equity firm peers.

GREENPEAK Partners is a team of investment professionals driven by our purpose to “build businesses and partnerships”. We believe that a sustainable economy is built by entrepreneurs with a vision to combine economic success with the achievement of ecological, social and governmental (ESG) criteria beyond today’s standards. We are a company builder with proven track record and comprehensive expertise in the foundation, development, and expansion of industry leaders within the German, Austrian, and Swiss markets. While executing its Buy & Build strategies, GREENPEAK aims at developing industry leaders by virtue of strong and close partnerships, ESG values, and aligned sustainable interests.

For more information on GREENPEAK, please refer to our website & our ESG policy.