Press Release - CERTANIA Becomes New Shareholder for Labosport Group

Munich, August 2023 – CERTANIA has taken the position of the new majority shareholder for the Labosport Group, completing the transaction on the 27 July, 2023.

CERTANIA is a dynamic holding company that oversees an entrepreneurial group of specialized entities focusing on testing, certification, and consultancy services. These companies operate in various industrial sectors, but all share a focus on health and sustainability. Strong synergies between the Labosport Group and CERTANIA will create exciting prospects for fruitful collaborations. To learn more about CERTANIA and its operations, please visit their website here.

The Labosport Group brands, culture and contact persons will remain unchanged, and Labosport’s mission will remain focused on delivering testing, certification, and consultancy services for sport surfaces, sport infrastructure, and sport equipment.

CERTANIA, founded in 2020 in Munich, Germany, started its development with companies based in Germany. It has recently initiated its internationalization. Labosport’s truly global footprint is an important development for the Group. Karsten Xander, CERTANIA co-founder and CEO with long-standing experience in the testing and certification industry, is proud to welcome Labosport as a new partner. “Labosport is the global market leader in testing and certification of sports surfaces,” stated Karsten Xander. “With its unparalleled depth and breadth of expertise in this segment, combined with superior customer service, Labosport will continue delivering unique value to its clients.”

CERTANIA has appointed Prof. David James as the new Labosport Group CEO. David has been successfully serving as the Managing Director of Labosport UK for the past five years. Expressing his thoughts on the appointment, David stated, “It is a true honour to lead the Labosport Group. The work that Labosport delivers, and our commitment to quality, fills me with immense pride. My role of CEO will be pursued with unwavering energy and dedication, fuelled by my genuine passion for sport, science, and engineering.”

The new relationship with CERTANIA and the appointment of Prof. David James as CEO establishes a new chapter in the Labosport story that will advance its global presence in sport testing, certification, and consultancy services.


Under the umbrella of CERTANIA Holding GmbH, a group of companies is created in the field of Testing, Inspection & Certification as well as scientific, laboratory and compliance services. This group offers medium-sized partners a sustainable home for their life’s work. CERTANIA enables entrepreneurs and owners to further develop their companies with like-minded people, while continuing to preserve their entrepreneurial roots, corporate culture, brand and values. CERTANIA is part of GREENPEAK Partners.

About GREENPEAK Partners:

GREENPEAK Partners is a company builder with proven track record and comprehensive expertise in the foundation, development, and expansion of industry leaders within the German, Austrian, and Swiss markets. While executing its Buy & Build strategies, GREENPEAK aims to develop industry leaders by virtue of strong partnerships, ESG values, and aligned sustainable interests. To date, the GREENPEAK Partners team has built 7 platforms, with annual revenues exceeding €500m.